Nordea Riga Marathon – 22.05.2011

This information comes from the official site of The Nordea Riga Marathon

Marathon has been popular in Riga since the beginning of mid 80s, when Marathon days took place in Riga and Marathon race was organized in Riga within the framework on championships of Latvia. However Folk Song Marathons are to be considered the largest marathons that assembled a record number or participants. Although not all participants chose to cover the full marathon distance, there were 10 000 participants in the first Folk Song Marathon.

By chance we came across some photos with historical takes from Folk Song Marathons back in 90-ties. Everybody who would like to see the images from those days can have a look at the gallery. To get impressions about the last years’ events look in galleries 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The first Riga marathon organized by the Riga City Council took place 19 years ago – in 1991. This was the marathon that assembled the record number of marathon participants and 707 participants covered the distance. The best times during marathons in Riga were 2.16:42 (S.K.Rotich (KE), in 2008, men discipline) and 2.38:16 (M.Damantsevich (BY), in 2010, women discipline).

Important turning point for the marathon took place in 2007 when marathon gained new long term partner and title sponsor – bank Nordea. The same year Nordea Riga marathon became AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) member and the marathon course was measured according to international standards.

In 2010 there were 11 500 participants registered for marathon, half-marathon, marathon relay and fun run (5K) races from 45 countries.

1991 V.Kalenkovičs    2.28:27 1991 A.Dudajeva  
1992 G.Abduļins    2.21:29 1992 O.Judenkova  
1993 A.Prokopčuks (LV)  2.26:41 1993 S.Tkača  
1994 N.Ivzāns    2.43:09 1994 L.Ceika (LV)
1995 Z.Zaļkalns (LV)  2.32:44 1995 G.Bernarde (LV)
1996 A.Prokopčuks (LV)  2.31:46 1996 I.Drēziņa (LV)
1997 N.Fedotovskis (LV)  2.33:05 1997 K.Mulla (EE)
1998 Z.Zaļkalns (LV)  2.33:41 1998 L.Ceika (LV)
1999 A.Balčunas (LT)  2.37:10 1999 L.Ceika (LV)
2000 Z.Zaļkalns (LV)  2.30:59 2000 A.Kavaļauskiene (LT)
2001 Z.Zaļkalns (LV)  2.27:25 2001 L.Ceika (LV)
2002 A.Balčunas (LT)  2.31:25 2002 A.Liepiņa (LV)
2003 A.Balčunas (LT)  2.28:07 2003 A.Kavaļauskiene (LT)
2004 D.Sļesarenoks (LV)  2.29:08 2004 M.Drungiliene (LT)
2005 V.Bambāns (LV)  2.45:58 2005 K.Mulla (EE)
2006 J.Vinogradovs (RU)  2.41:52 2006 L.Zariņa (LV)
2007 J.Changwony (KE)  2.18:30 2007 L.Rodina (RU)
2008 S.Rotich (KE)  2.16:42 2008 K.Vals (EE)
2009 O.Gur (BY)  2.18:35 2009 K.Dziamidava (BY)
2010 S.Benazzouz (MA)  2.17:33 2010 M.Damantsevich (BY)


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