Towerrunning – World Cup News, 30.01.2012

The Corrida Vertical in Sao Paulo announced as final event of the ISF stair climbing series „Vertical World Circuit 2011” originally was scheduled in December and in another building. Finally some international top athletes climbed Edificio Abril in Sao Paulo on January 25.

As is common procedure in buildings of this kind the finish at the very top – the heliport – was restricted to the elites. Starting every 30 seconds with a horn blow on the street before the tower, through the lobby and into the stairwell the runners climbed up sometimes on marble stairs and finally sprinted out in the open on the heliport to the finish line.

Female winner was 2009 World Mountain Running Champion Valentina Belotti (ITA) in 3:53 beating Kristin Frey (USA) with 4:15 and Cristina Bonacina (ITA) with 4:33. In opposite to the World Cup final in Bogota the Brazilian home runners had no chance against the international elite.

The male race was a clear story too. Thomas Dold (GER) needed 3:03 and so was 11 seconds faster than Omar Bekkali (BEL). On 3rd one second behind Fabio Ruga (ITA). Not too happy with his race was Matthias Jahn (GER) who took 4th in 3:27. The next places went to the best home athlete Evander Franco (BRA) and Norbert Lechner (AUT).

The current leaders of the Towerrunning World Cup – the official world ranking for the stair climbing sport governed and regulated by Towerrunning Office Vienna – are Thomas Dold (GER) with 240 points and Kristin Frey (USA) with 260 points after their podium ranks in Sao Paulo. The United States stair climbing team defends the lead in the Nations Cup.

On February 4th Brazil will again host a Towerrunning World Cup event. With the „Corrida Vertical” in Florianopolis the new Brazilian Towerrunning series „Circuito Brasil de Corrida Vertical” will be launched.

Other selected upcoming World Cup Races:
-> Empire State Building Run Up (New York, USA), February 8th — Masters Race
-> Canarias Vertical Run (Las Palmas, ESP), February 10th

Nations Cup - 27.01.2012

Race - Sao Paolo

Female - 27.01.2012

Male - 27.01.2012


All the information provided by Sebastian Wurster


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