Skyrunning – 2012 Vertical World Curcuit

„Nine races stretch across the globe from New York, London and Milan to Basel and Berlin in the heart of Europe and on to Taipei, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore in the Far East. Saõ Paolo will again host the VWC final in November, where the 2012 World Champions will be crowned.”

USA: Empire State Building Run Up – New York – February 8
Great Britain:  Vertical Rush – London – March 1
Switzerland:  Tower Running Basel – April 21
Germany:  Berlin Skyrun – Berlin – May 27
Taiwan: Taipei 101 Tower Run Up – Taipei -June 3
Italy:  Vertical Sprint – Milan – September 23
Vietnam:  Bitexco Vertical Run – Ho Chi Minh City – October 28
Singapore:  Swissôtel Vertical Marathon – Singapore – November 18
Brazil: Corrida Vertical – Saõ Paolo – November 30

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