Running in Stockholm, Sweden. I would go for it 🙂

Nic Freeman

Known for its world-class designers, elegant city-scape and natural summer beauty, Stockholm is a city of high-densityP1180419 living that offers plenty of urban cultural delights. After four full days of wandering through wintery Stockholm, here are my top ten tips for understanding a bit about the city and getting the most out of your Stockholm experience.

1.Try a semla. These Nordic baked delights are in most cafes and bakeries, especially between new year and Easter. Traditionally, a semla is a wheat bun served in a bowl of hot milk, but the common modern version is a spiced bun (cinnamon and cardamom) filled with almond paste and whipped cream, and served with tea or coffee. Many Stockholm eateries are judged for their semlor (pl.) annually; an institution the locals seem to value highly. We went to Vete-katten (apparently highly rated on the semlor scale) on the corner of Kungsgatan…

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