2nd and 4th picture!


Here are a selection of photographs from my first paid job. It was a fun evening – the Weight Watchers Slimmer of the Year awards, or something along those lines – held at Doltone House in Sydney Harbour, near Jackson’s Landing. As the event was already being photographed and videoed by other people, my job was to prowl around the edges and take more candid, arty photographs of the event. I worked pretty hard throughout the evening and didn’t stop shooting for almost four hours, during which time I took around 900 images. From those I ultimately selected roughly ninety for the final package and edited them in a seven-hour spree that very night, staying up until dawn, oddly zealous about finishing the job.

The photographs featured here are those which I liked the most from the evening, with perhaps a few too many of the Fijian musicians!

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