W końcu ćwiczenia rozciągające.
Finally some stretching exercises.

Movement. Strength. Education.

Part of this was posted back in August but recently I was on strengthcoach.com, a fantastic educational resource if you are not familiar with it, and the video of the week was the one below by Charlie Weingroff.  Charlie is a both a physical therapist and really strong dude.  And simply put, he is also really smart.  As I wrote in August, I think the toe pull drill potentially has a lot of benefit with very little time and effort invested, which is why we use them with just about all of our members and as part of the group training warm up at Ambition Athletics.

This drill (as well as the ankle tilts shown at the end) seems to help many people in many different ways.  From improving shoulder mobility (believe it) to better hip movement and toe touches.  For some more insight into what Z-Health actually is and why these things…

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