I could go running there! Amazing hills and mountains!

Daniel Feidal Photography

Azerbaijan is a country of diversity and timeless culture. The people are the most hospitable and delightfully friendly people I have ever met. The landscape and nature is a sight to see. Where else in the world can you find 9 out of 10 climate zones?

As an expat I have spent the biggest part of my life in this country and I have learned to love it in a way that only someone living there long-term can.

Walking the streets of Baku, going to the Market round the corner I could easily be mistaken for being either half Russian or one of the „Tsakhur”-or mountain peoples (Often blond or red-haired with blue eyes). In this little country with 9.3 million (UN2011) inhabitants there are as many as 39 ethnic people groups. That, gardash(brother), is diversity!

learned the language as a kid, playing „Gachdı-tutdu”-catch, and football with mates in the…

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