Towerrunning – Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1 in Warsaw, 19th of May 2012

This is an official press release.

We are really pleased to welcome all international athletes to the second edition of the race to the top of Rondo 1 held on 19th of May, 2012. The event has been incorporated in the Towerrunning World Cup calendar as one of the 18 Masters Races. We hope to host many climbers from all over the world in Warsaw for the “Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1”. Just like last year the event will be a charity race – the amount of starting fees will be transferred to SOS Children’s Villages Association.

The European Towerrunning scene is becoming more and more competitive. Last year 54 stair climbing events were held in 11 European nations. Among them was the premiere of the „Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1” in Warsaw. Due to the outstanding organizational quality and the international field of the 2011 edition the race has been selected as a 2012 Towerrunning World Cup Masters Race and now belongs to the exclusive selection of the 18 most important stair climbing events worldwide. Therefore an international high-class participants field is expected to compete in Warsaw on May 19th, 2012.

Furthermore the event could be of special interest for all competitors of the first official Towerrunning European Championships, which will be held two weeks later on June 3rd in Frankfurt / Main (Germany). The second edition of „Bieg Na Szczyt Rondo 1” could serve as an optimal test competition for the event in Frankfurt, since almost the same tournament modus will be used in Warsaw. The event in Rondo 1 will start with a qualifying round using a single time trial format and the best twelve men and women will negotiate the stairwell again to the top of the skyscraper in the final round (mass start with a starting grid based on the qualifying result). The price money for the 1st place is 1500 zloty, for the 2nd place 1000 zloty and for the third place 800 zloty. The runners on ranks 4 to 6 will receive 600, 400 and 200 zloty. Additionally all competitors will get an attractive starting package, functional shirt and a commemorative medal when they reach the top of the building.

The registration form will be available from 28th of March, 2012 on the official event website After last year’s well attended event where 200 starter packs were sold out at a rapid time, this year the organizers have increased the limit up to 500 participants. The organizers established a minimum starting fee of 30 PLN which will be used to fund SOS Children’s Villages. The Association does not only take care of orphaned and abandoned children, but also helps them to find a safe and cozy home. Last year record payment amounted to 200 PLN, and we hope that this year the climbers will be equally generous. The originator of the „Run to the top of Rondo 1” is MGPA, and one of the organizers of the run is Sports Marketing Agency Sport Evolution.

Press and Participants Information Warsaw


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