Towerrunning – Vertical Marathon Dubai, April 13th, 2012

This is an official press release

Vertical Marathon Dubai

April 13th, 2012

World Cup Results and Press Release

It is one of the most absorbing Towerrunning events of the season. The magic skyline and special spirit of the Arabic desert metropolis Dubai combined with the challenge of mastering 1334 stairs in Jumeirah Emirates Tower at 35 °C ambient air temperature explain the special fascination of Vertical Marathon Dubai.

The 2012 edition of the race has been selected as a factor 1.5 Towerrunning World Cup Masters Races due to its organizational quality and distinguished internationality of the participants fields in previous seasons so up to 240 big points for the world ranking could be snatched.

2011 Dubai runner up Norbert Lechner (AUT) seized the opportunity, climbed a splendid 8:47 and thereby celebrated his first victory in a World Cup Masters Race. It was Lechner’s 12th World Cup podium finish and his 5th overall win. With his 379.0 points from races in Sao Paulo, New York, London and Dubai Lechner climbed up to position 8 in the world ranking.

After narrowly missing the top 3 in 2010 and 2011 William Higgo (RSA) finished the race on second position – 34 seconds behind Lechner. Third rank went to Hallvard Borsheim (NOR).

An abundantly clear victory was celebrated by Martha Rise (NOR, 10:24) in the women’s race. Amanda Nimon Peters (AUS) and Emily Meredith (USA) completed the podium.

The top 7 of both genders came from 13 different countries and the top 30 male and female finishers represented 20 nations from six continents. These figures again underline the extraordinary internationality of the event. Furthermore the race in Dubai was the first stair climb in the World Cup history with none of the top 30 ranks being occupied by the host nation.

Next week the Towerrunning scene will focus on the first European Masters Race in Messeturm Basel (SUI) serving as another major position-fixing for Towerrunning European Championships in Frankfurt and for the World Cup ranking.


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