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The 2012 New Zealand Mountain Running Championships were held yesterday, Saturday the 14th April, in near perfect condition’s on Mt Campbell, over looking Motueka. The Mt Campbell race is hosted by the enthusasitc bunch from Athletics Nelson, who actually hold this race yearly, and have held the NZ Mt Champs here in 2008, ’09 and now ’12.

Athletics Nelson  Eric Verstappen said earlier in the week that he had booked the sun and he delivered. At the mid day start it was very warm as runners got under way, with the SM-59yrs starting at the Motueka highway and juniors, women and M60+ at Shaggery Rd for a shorter 7.2km, 850m vertical gain race.  The start of the 14.4km, 1330m vertical,  long course is relatively flat, winding its way up a gentle forestry road, only climbing around 400m in the first 7km.  

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