Jonathan Wyatt!

Alternative Running Press New Zealand.

The Athletics New Zealand Mountain Running Championships are coming up on the 14th of April on Mt Campbell, at the top of the South Island. We are looking forward to previewing the race and are hanging out for the start list to be released- what to do until then? Well we figured having a chat to Mr Mountain Running- Jonathan Wyatt– would be a pretty good place to start. Now if you are at BackCountry Runner then there is a pretty good chance you will have a fair idea who Jono Wyatt is, but in-case you have been living under a gorse bush, stumbled out and come across this blog then here is a brief rundown- Jono has represented NZ at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games, won 7 World Mtn Running titles and is often described as the world’s most versatile runner- ever. It is a pretty interesting and solid CV to say the least. We were very lucky Jono took time…

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