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Alternative Running Press New Zealand.

They say it is harder returning as the defending champ– but as the Breakers just proved, it can be done.  This Saturday at the Routeburn Classic Whitney Dagg will be looking to defend the title she claimed this time a year ago and get rare back to back titles. We have been lucky enough to chat to Whitney about all kinds of stuff, OK, really its just about running-
Backcountry Runner – You are the returning Routeburn Classic Champ- how does that feel a week out and how has your build up been?
Whitney Dagg (WD) – Being the returning champ does make me feel a bit more nervous than I usually would for a race, however I am determined not to let it worry me too much and just focus on running to my full potential on the day. I’m also really excited to race the Routeburn track again as…

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