Towerrunning family welcomes new event in Santa Fe

This is an official press release.

Last weekend it was time again to welcome a new member in the Towerrunning family. The Carrera Vertical Nivea Q10 celebrated its premiere at Hotel Distrito Capital in Santa Fe, the business district of Mexico City. 28 floors and 560 steps had to be mastered by the participants. Similar to the World Cup final in Bogota, the unusual height of 2660 meters above sea level made the event even more challenging.

Sergio Rodriguez Duran was the fastest athlete of the day in 3:52 min and therefore celebrated his first victory at a World Cup race. Sandra Nunez, World Cup silver medallist of 2010, took the chance at her home event and won the women’s race by clocking a time of 4:32.

The only small drop of bitterness was the low number of only 42 athletes climbing Hotel Distrito Capital. Nevertheless the professionally organized event gave a certain impetus to the Towerrunning sport in Central America, so we look forward to see other new tower runs in this region entering the World Cup calendar.

The Carrera Vertical in Mexico City is only one of various examples underlining a positive trend in the Towerrunning Sport. The international stair climbing scene is prospering and month after month new races are established. Looking at the event statistics, this development becomes clear. In the 2008 season 109 races were carried out in 20 countries. Since the introduction of Towerrunning World Cup in 2009, this value has increased steadily. In 2011, more than 100,000 athletes from 55 nations met at 170 events in 26 countries. And the first four months of the current season make us expecting a further increase of these numbers. So far 88 races – 19 more than at the same time last year – attracted about 54,000 athletes to experience the vertical challenge of a tower run. As in the previous season athletes from 39 nations were able to achieve World Cup points until the end of April.

In May the selection of outdoor stair races will be enriched by a new event in Austria: The Reißeck Wadlbeißer in Kolbnitz with its 8971 stairs extends the range of European long distance races and opens the national stair racing series Towerrunning Austria.

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