What’s the season there?

Mount Taranaki speed records

Mangorei Track Egmont National ParkThe Department of Conservation issue a Taranaki Track update several times a year via the North Egmont Visitors Centre. Here’s the latest for Autumn 2012.

Of interest is the opening of the upgraded Mangorei track at the end of this month.

Egmont National Park – General

  • Winter is arriving! Expect icy conditions on all upper level tracks from now on.
  • Remember – no dogs or other pets allowed in Egmont National Park.
Mt Taranaki Summit Conditions
  • Snow and ice are present on the summit. Air temperatures have cooled considerably and icy conditions on the Summit Track are to be expected. Ice axe and crampons will be required.
  • The summit of Taranaki is sacred. Please do not stand on the top point.
Pouakai Circuit
  •  Pouakai Track:  contractors will be working on sections of rafts along by the tarns – installing new and straightening some of the older uneven ones.
  • A…

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