Towerrunning – Avaz Tower Running 2012 in Sarajevo

Quick and short, but so important information about Piotr!

Poland‚s Piotr Lobodzinski one week after winning the bronze medal at European Championships in Frankfurt celebrates another triumph in Sarajevo. He became the champion of Avaz Tower Running 2012. Second place went to Matijaž Mikloš (Slovenia). Last year’s winner Pavel Holec (Czech Republic) finished third. Lobodzinski needed 4:02,56 min for a short pre-run and 780 stairs in Avaz Twist Tower – the highest building in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

With the 80 points for his victory Lobodzinski is now ranked 9th in the 2012 Towerrunning World Cup standings.

A spectacular mass start race ended with a triumph of Vladan Gavranovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) in women’s competition. Behind Gvranović second and third places are occupied by Biljana Cvijanovic and Selma Zrnic. World Cup champion Cristina Bonacina seemed to be still a bit tired after the three challenging climbs in Frankfurt, since she clearly missed the podium ranks.

Avaz Tower Running 2012 was the first European Towerrunning event with live TV coverage.



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