188 Days of Travel

Can’t count how many great places to run!

Nic Freeman

Looking out across the calm Lisbon shore, I am moved by the memories that brim to mind. It is mid-year already and time to reflect on all I have seen and experienced in my last 188 consecutive days of travelling.

You would think that after six months, I would be used to living this reality of new cultures and places and people, but honestly, I am still marvelling at the fact, and often struggling to keep cool about it all. With every new place I feel as though I’ve started a new chapter, inherently linked to all the other travel adventures, but ultimately a new, unique, defining experience that I can file under ‘this is why life is wonderful’.

Looking back, I’m astounded that in the last 188 days I’ve experienced climates between –20C and 45C, explored ten countries, learnt how to ski, walked hundreds of kilometres on the Camino…

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