Towerrunning – Himmelsleiterlauf, 08.07.2012

This is an official press release.

Today David Hoffman wrote Towerrunning history. He ran the fastest ever World Cup stair climb and needed only 22.70 seconds for 157.5 steep stairs on the 28m-high Himmelsleiter in Keltern-Ellmendingen. With a time of 0.144 seconds for each stair he was faster than any other athlete in an official Towerrunning competition and thereby climbed a new World Record. Just 0.49 seconds slower Kai-Niklas Nittel finished second. Jörg Schatz from event organizer PhysioAktiv became third in 24.95 seconds.

Women’s competition was dominated by Kathrin Süsser (GER) with a time of 35.61 seconds, followed by Ulrike Mettler (GER, 36.02) and Martina Szaboova (SVK, 40.53). Besides the about 50 adult athletes many children used the short race to experience the challenge of a stair climb. With Tom Bayer one of them even managed to climb a sub-30 time (29.09).

With his excellent performance stair climbing newcomer David Hoffmann, who is a handball player in the local Oberliga, also set the basis for an undisputed victory of his team TGS Pforzheim in the Himmelsleiter team competition (1:43,61 minutes). The podium was completed by the experienced athletics team Silvercastle Pforzheim (2:03,00 minutes) and the team (2:09,01 minutes). The Towerrunning quartet was led by World Cup Sports Director Sebastian Wurster (10th overall, 28.60 seconds), who celebrated a successful stair climbing premiere in his former home village.

With the well organized Himmelsleiterlauf another typical German stairs sprint race joined the World Cup calendar. From Kassel to Augsburg several climbs with less than 300 stairs are held. During the last 10 months 7 of the 10 shortest Towerrunning World Cup races were organized in Germany, where the broadest spectrum of Towerrunning events is provided. Races from 117 to 39.700 stairs ensure a suitable event for every type of stair climbers – sprinters, skyscraper runners and stairs ultras.

1. Hoffmann, David 22.70
2. Nittel, Kai-Niklas 23.19
3. Schatz, Jörg 24.95

1. Süsser, Kathrin 35.61
2. Mettler, Ulrike 36.02
3. Szaboova, Martina 40.53

1. Bayer, Tom 29.09
2. Süsser, Lukas 34.99
3. Nittel, Thibaut 36.90

1. Rottenhofer, Lara 46.78
2. Hampl, Sophia 46.95
3. Kreuß, Emma-Li 55.62

1. TGS Pforzheim 1:43.61
2 Silvercastle Pforzheim 2:03.00 2:09.01

Further information, complete rankings and World Cup standings will be published soon at


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