Towerrunning – IZD-Stiegenhauslauf Vienna, 12th September 2012

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IZD-Stiegenhauslauf Vienna
September 12th, 2012
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Norbert Lechner has won the 2012 edition of the World Cup factor 1.0 Towerrun in IZD Tower Vienna with a time of 3:15.8 minutes. Also second and third ranks were occupied by Austrian athletes. Runner-up Markus Zahlbruckner clocked a time of 3:24.4 minutes and third-placed Rudolf Reitberger finished the race in 3:26.0 minutes. Enrico Gäbe (GER), winner of the 2011 edition, missed the podium with a time of 3:28.0.

Women’s race was won by Katarina Schwartz (SVK) in 4:36.4 minutes.

The race in IZD tower leading over 648 stairs and 35 floors is one of seven stair climbing events in Vienna. Only the city of Chicago hosts more Towerruns than Austria’s capital.

Official results:
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