Towerrunning – Olomouc Run Up, 14th September 2012

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Olomouc Run Up
September 14th, 2012
Tomas Celko wins and captures second World Cup rank

Two weeks ago Piotr Lobodzinski (POL) celebrated a double Masters Race victory in Prague and Vienna and thereby made great leaps towards the World Cup medal ranks. Today in Olomouc he suffered a small setback and lost 20 valuable points. While one of his main opponents Tomas Celko (SVK) won the race with a time of 1:53.00, Lobodzinski needed 2.55 seconds longer for the 420 stairs and had to be pleased with rank 3 – 0.14 seconds behind second placed Czech athlete Pavel Hrdina. Tomas Celko already won the quite close qualification round, where the last one of the later finalist was less than 13 seconds slower than Celko’s time.

By winning the factor 1.0 climb in Olomouc Celko (936.0) overtook Christian Riedl (GER, 901.2) in the World Cup rankings and extended his lead against Lobodzinski (891.0) in the battle for the medal ranks and thereby the invitation to the World Cup final in Bogota. Thomas Dold (GER) still leads the ranking with 1158.0 points.

Proud champion of the women’s competition (without international participation in the final) was Sandra Schützova, who finished the final climb in 2:26.25 minutes and beat experienced compatriot Lenka Svabikova by 1.25 seconds.

As well as events in Brno, Zlin, Plzen and Praha the race in Olomouc belongs to Czech Run Up Series, which now moves on to the final in Ostrava on September 27th.

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