Towerrunning – Masters Race in Vienna, 19th October 2012

This is an official press release.

A remarkable comeback and another Polish triumph 

The second Masters Race in Vienna was remarkable in many ways. There were rumours the day before, but still it was a great surprise when Andrea Mayr appeared at the Twin Tower. This very versatile athlete has a past in duathlon and 3000 m hurdles and she is current Austrian marathon record holder and Olympian in this discipline. At her best is Andrea when it is going up, having won many mountain runs all over the world and she is current World Mountain Running Champion. Besides all the sports she has finished medical studies and is now working full time in a hospital.

And in our sport Andrea has a 100% record – she dominated every stair race she competed in and holds the course record at all these events – among them multiple times the Empire State Building Run Up, the Taipei 101 Run Up and the Donauturm Treppenlauf to name a few.

At the Twin Tower after a four year-break Andrea Mayr was untouchable again. And with her time of 3:29,1 she even was 0.4 seconds faster than another former ESBRU winner, the event’s sports director Rudolf Reitberger (AUT), who had talked her into her first stair race in Linz ten years ago. The battle for the second rank was won by Carina Lilge Leutner (another former Austrian marathon record holder) with a two-second margin beating her own daughter Lisa Leutner.

In the finish area a quickly recovered Andrea Mayr could watch the race of the male elite climbers. There the Polish athletes again demonstrated their outstanding class. Already after 12 of 35 floors Piotr Lobodzinski and Bartosz Swiatkowski were 6.9 respectively 8.3 seconds faster than later third-place finisher Norbert Lechner (AUT). After 1:59.4 Swiatkowski completed intermediate 2 at floor 25 – 2.7 seconds faster than Lobodzinski. Also in the last section he set the best time. With an unbelievable 3:00,4 Bartosz Swiatkowski won before his compatriot Piotr Lobodzinski. The Austrian trio Norbert Lechner, Markus Zahlbruckner and Klaus Hausleitner showed an intensive fight for the bronze rank. Hausleitner started fast with the third-best time after 12 floors, but then lost time in the second and third section so he ended up fifth. After being on rank 5 at the second intermediate Markus Zahlbruckner clocked the second-best time in the last section and almost caught up Norbert Lechner, who narrowly defended the third overall rank.

The culmination was reached when the four last starters all lay on the ground together in total exhaustion! Bartosz gave everything he had and just in time got the okay from the medical crew to participate in the award ceremony where he delighted the crowd with his Usain Bolt imitation.

Bartosz Swiatkowski now is fourth in the World Cup ranking with 911.0 points. Piotr Lobodzinski again shortened the gap to Thomas Dold and consolidated his second position (1001.0 points). Norbert Lechner remains on rank 9 (755.5. points). Katarina Schwartz made it up into the women’s top 10 again (506.7 points, rank 9).

A fantastic weekend for Austria’s stair climbers was completed by Austrian Rolf Majcen as the winner of the first Towerrunning World Cup race in China. He conquered the 100 floors of the SWFC Observatory Sky Marathon in 18 minutes and 55 seconds. About 300 participants climbed 2,754 steps to arrive at the sightseeing hall of the Shanghai World Financial Centre 474 m above the city of Shanghai. The event was the longest one-tower indoor stair climb in the World Cup history.

With his third overall rank and best Austrian performance in Business Park Vienna Norbert Lechner took the lead in the national Towerrunning Austria series. With 440 points he now almost secured his first national title. Behind Lechner Rudolf Reitberger (369), sprint specialist Gabriel Strommer (350), Markus Zahlbruckner (320) and Rolf Majcen (320) fight for the medals. All members of the leading quintet are also ranked among the current World Cup top 30. With 9th-placed Lechner, Reitberger on rank 19, Majcen on rank 20, Zahlbruckner on rank 23 and Strommer on rank 30 the Austrian team is well represented in the World Cup table. Behind Germany, the United States, Italy and Poland the red-white-red flag of Austria can be found on the 5th position in the Nations Cup.

With 346 points Katarina Schwartz remains the leader of the Towerrunning Austria series after becoming 5th in Business Park Vienna, but the ranking is getting closer. Sandra Daschner (307) and Carina Lilge-Leutner (297) reduced the gap with their better scores in Vienna. Now everything is open. According to the void results rule all three athletes can take the lead at the next event in Judenburg on their own.

While the Austrian series will end with the final races next week, still great highlights wait for the World Cup athletes. In Chicago the next Masters Race will be held on November 4th (Sky Rise Chicago). Further Masters Races in November are the Eureka Climb in Melbourne and the Swissotel Vertical Marathon in Singapore. On December 8th the extraordinary Carrera Ascenso in the altitude of Bogota again holds the official Towerrunning World Cup 2012 Final. Most of the leading athletes in the actual ranking have already confirmed their attendance.





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