Frosty's Footsteps

I wasn’t saying anything; I was waiting patiently for a miracle.

5.15am we set off in the frozen glittering morning. Almost a full moon. -9 degree wind chills. 71 km to go of Les Templiers.

After 1hour, I thought it had come, my heart had beaten my head. Maybe I could chase down the girls at the front. After 1hour and 10minutes, I felt maybe it wasn’t, my head was coming back with revenge. At 2hours I made the decision that it hadn’t, my head had won. At 22km I pulled out. The tears came streaming and fortunately my supportive Salomon family were right there to hug the heart and wipe the drops away.

They were tears of frustration. My injury that I had been so careful of and nursing so well for the previous month was hurting bad. I was sick of it. I wanted it to go…

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