National Take The Stairs Day

Official Press Release by USA Stair Climbing Association 

As stair climb enthusiasts, participants and stair climbing advisors, we have witnessed many non-active people in poor health and sometimes seriously overweight turn their lives around with the simple act of walking up stairs.  

Stair climbing is becoming popular and it’s popularity can be attributed to it being non-impact, with  workouts mainly done indoors, so bad weather or darkness does not effect performance and going up  stair does not require any special athletic ability or equipment. All a person needs are stairs and a pair of shoes!  

On January 9th we want to encourage all who normally take an elevator or escalator to take the stairs instead. From doctors and nurses in hospitals to secretaries and business professionals in office  buildings, our hope is that if you want to become more physically fit, you will discover how GREAT an  exercise walking up stairs really is. 

Show the nation that you are ready to “STEP UP” to this challenge!”


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