Towerrunning – Epic 24 hour climb in Jacksonville

This is an official press release.

Four US elite stair runners set an elevation world record by climbing the Bank of America Building in Downtown Jacksonville (Florida) repeatedly for 24 hours. They collectively climbed over 5,880 floors,  6,440 vertical feet (which is equivalent to more than twice up Mt Everest) and 123,480 steps in 24  hours.

With this epic climb the athletes belonging to the USA Stair Climbing Association raised awareness for a good cause. “We’re climbing on behalf of those who can’t,” says Trahanovsky. “The majority of the  stair climb races in the U.S. are organized by the American Lung Association and we are so thankful  for everything they do!” The American Lung Association is a voluntary health organization whose  mission is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.  The Fifth Annual Fight for Air Climb Jacksonville, benefiting the American Lung Association, is the only  competitive stair climb on the First Coast and is held in the city’s tallest building consisting of 42 floors  (838 steps). This year’s climb event will be held Saturday, February 2, 2013 at the Bank of America  Tower in downtown Jacksonville. “It’s an honor to be able to promote such a worthy cause and  inaugural race with a world record attempt like this,” says Kacie. 

The world record climbers:  

Mark Trahanovsky, 53 years old from Yorba Linda, California is the creator of the USA Stair Climb  Association. He is also the founder of the West Coast Labels stair racing team, which is the fastest  stair climb team in the world. Mark is ranked among top 50 stair climbers in the world and has  competed in over 40 stair races in the past ten years.  

PJ Glassey, 46 years old from Seattle, Washington is ranked among the top 10 U.S. tower climbers,  is owner of the X Gyms, has authored the book of “Cracking Your Calorie Code” and is the creator of  the X Gym workout DVD.

Kacie Fischer,  Cleveland, 27 years old from Ponte Vedra, Florida was ranked among the top 10  female tower runners in the world in 2010 and 2011. Cleveland recently broke a World Record inline  skating more than 2,800 miles across the USA.

Kristin Frey, 28 years old from Schaumburg, Illinois has been ranked among the top 3 female tower  runners in the world since 2010 and has qualified for the Boston Marathon 10 times.

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National Take The Stairs Day

Official Press Release by USA Stair Climbing Association 

As stair climb enthusiasts, participants and stair climbing advisors, we have witnessed many non-active people in poor health and sometimes seriously overweight turn their lives around with the simple act of walking up stairs.  

Stair climbing is becoming popular and it’s popularity can be attributed to it being non-impact, with  workouts mainly done indoors, so bad weather or darkness does not effect performance and going up  stair does not require any special athletic ability or equipment. All a person needs are stairs and a pair of shoes!  

On January 9th we want to encourage all who normally take an elevator or escalator to take the stairs instead. From doctors and nurses in hospitals to secretaries and business professionals in office  buildings, our hope is that if you want to become more physically fit, you will discover how GREAT an  exercise walking up stairs really is. 

Show the nation that you are ready to “STEP UP” to this challenge!”


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Jez Bragg – New Zealand

Amazing long-distance runner! - Photography, Writing, Talk Ultra Podcast

Jez Bragg continues to blaze a trail on ‚The Long Pathway’ in New Zealand. He is now over half way and is ahead of his own self imposed schedule.

Jez is new to running long trails like this but if you are following his blog HERE you will see that he has adapted perfectly and actually is embracing multi day running of long distances.



Just yesterday after running 24 consecutive days and a total distance of 1595 km he banged out an 80km day…. many of us would be happy with that in just ‚one day’ not after 23!

Jez had a motive. He will now be making the transition from the North Island to the South Island. This means a kayak crossing of the ‚Cook Strait‚. In simple terms he needs good weather.


As he said on his blog:

„Today’s objective was to get as close…

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New Antarctic Video – Born to Run

Are you born to run?

run, eat, sleep, run.

Sweet!! In time for Christmas, it’s the latest taste of Racing the Planet in Antarctica from Team Born to Run and the Born to Run Foundation, courtesy of award-winning cameraman James ‚Hot Knees’ Holman.


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Nowy sezon Skyrunning zbliża się wielkimi krokami!


Nowy sezon Skyrunning rozpocznie długo oczekiwany cykl biegów ultra. Zawody rozgrywane na dystansach 100km oraz 100mil już na samą myśl wywołują uczucie niepochamowanej z radości z jeszcze większej ilości nowych górskich szlaków do pokonania. W ten sposób Skyrunning chce uczcić swoją 10 rocznicę.

Sezon 2013 został podzielony na trzy główne kategorie:

  • Sky
  • Ultra
  • Vertical

Wszystkie kategorie to jednocześnie możliwość zdobycia tytułów oraz nagród pieniężnych. To przejrzyste zasady, które do pewnego stopnia pozwolą na specjalizację zawodników i udział najlepszych w konkretnych kategoriach.

Pierwszym najważniejszym biegiem, który otworzył Skyrunning na biegi długodystansowe to niewątpliwie Transvulcania Ultramarathon. Rozegrany na wyspie La Palm przyciągnął światową elitę biegaczy górskich i trailowych. Nigdy wcześniej nie udało się zebrać w jednym miejscu tak wielu biegowych gwiazd. Tym bardziej, bieg poprzez promocję w telewizji, mediach społecznościowych oraz dzielenie się nawet szczątkowymi informacjami został osławiony i nic nie zapowiada, aby w nadchodzącym roku, bieg nie został ponownie wybrany…

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Towerrunning – top 2012

Female, Male and Nation Cup finals !

Towerrunning 2012 - Female Final Top 10

Towerrunning 2012 – Female Final Top 10

Towerrunning 2012 - Male Final Top 10

Towerrunning 2012 – Male Final Top 10

Towerrunning 2012 - Nations Cup Final Top 10

Towerrunning 2012 – Nations Cup Final Top 10

Towerrunning 2012 - M16 Bogota

Towerrunning 2012 – M16 Bogota

Towerrunning World Cup Champions – Bogota 2012

This is the official press release.

December 8th is a public holiday in Colombia (Inmaculada Concepción). And this day also is a holiday for the Towerrunning sport. It is the traditional date of Carrera Ascenso Torre Colpatria, which hosts the Towerrunning World Cup final since 2010. As in the previous year many of the leading international stair climbers had been invited to the race in the heart of Colombian capital Bogota and joined the event to fight for the decisive World Cup points. Year after year the main challenge for the international athletes is to beat the Colombian runners being used to the 2600m altitude.

The venue is Torre Colpatria, a 50-story skyscraper, which is a landmark of the 8 million metropolis Bogota, illuminated every night by thirty-six color changing Xenon lights. In fact the event started the night before with fireworks and a special light show attracting thousands of people in the surrounding downtown streets.

On race morning action on stairs began as early as 8:00 am and within 3 hours about 5,000 athletes climbed up more than 900 stairs to the 48th floor after a short prerun. The elites had the privilege to ascend to the very top – the heliport of Colombia’s tallest building.

In respect to the women’s World Cup only one medal-decision was open. Behind Suzanne Walsham (AUS), who dominated the season and managed to secure her second World Cup title weeks before the final, Kristin Frey (USA) was the definite silver medallist. Cindy Harris (USA) had to finish 3rd at least in Bogota to overtake Cristina Bonacina in the fight for the bronze medal. The defending World Cup champion from Italy missed the race due to undergoing a surgery. Nevertheless it was clear, that for Harris the medal race would become a very difficult task in view of the strong Colombian field. 10 female elite athletes lined up at the start to climb Torre Colpatria in groups of two.

Surprise race winner became Blanca Liliana Moreno (COL) with a new track record for female athletes (6:14.0) beating two times previous champion Maria Eugenia Rodriguez (COL, 6:27.0) starting together with Cindy Harris in the penultimate pair and four time winner Angela Figueroa (6:38.8), who climbed with Suzanne Walsham in the last pair. Walsham narrowly missed the podium (6:47.0) and finished 6th – 28 seconds before Cindy Harris (7th, 7:15.4) so Cristina Bonacina remained on the World Cup Bronze medal rank. Although Suzanne Walsham wasn’t able to celebrate the 10th podium rank in her 10th season race, she achieved a total of 1380.0 World Cup points, which means a new points record in the Towerrunning history.

Even more exciting was the pre-race situation for the males. As World Cup leader Thomas Dold (GER) was not in Bogota Piotr Łobodzinski (POL) had the small chance to win the World Cup by winning the race in Torre Colpatria. Behind Dold and Łobodzinski not less than five further athletes were in the medal race too. Four of them participated in Bogota. Only Omar Bekkali (BEL), who was third in the ranking after his second place in Singapore two weeks before, did not join the World Cup final and therefore had to fear for his medal rank.

Finally on this sunny day track record holder Juan Pablo Rangel (COL) clocked his 4th win in a time of 4:44.1. Frank Nicolas Carreno became runner-up for the 3rd time in a row (4:58.5) and Nicolas Herrera finished third (5:11.7) so in the end again all six podium places went to the Colombian hosts and the international elite athletes must wait another year for the first top 3 result on the maybe hardest 980 stairs in the world.

Best foreign athlete became Bartosz Świątkowski (POL) on the 9th position (5:33.4). Although giving everything and being completely exhausted after the race this place did not bring him enough points to secure a World Cup medal. In the end he missed the required 5th rank by just 6 seconds so once more a few seconds in the last one of 157 races counting towards the World Cup ranking made the difference between the chance on a medal and the 6th position, which finally remained for Świątkowski – another bitter decision for the Polish Towerrunner, who already had the misfortune to lose the victory at this year’s Masters Race in Prague by 0.05 seconds (against compatriot Łobodzinski). The situation of Świątkowski strikingly reminds us of Łobodzinski’s Bogota race in 2011, where he missed the World Cup bronze medal by 6.8 seconds. This year things went better for him. Despite again being without a chance and finishing 17th in Torre Colpatria Łobodzinski could celebrate his first silver medal (1001.0 points) behind defending and new Towerrunning World Cup champion Thomas Dold.

Not only Dold, another German had a reason to celebrate too: Christian Riedl (GER) became 12th in Bogota (5:42.7). With a total of 961.2 World Cup points he finished the season on the bronze medal rank – with a razor-thin edge over Omar Bekkali (954.0) and Tomas Celko (948.0), who was not able to improve his score in Bogota with his 22nd rank. Fabio Ruga became 16th in Bogota and 7th in the World Cup ranking.

Besides the World Cup athletes and Colombian elite runners thousands of children and amateur runners accepted the challenge to climb Torre Colpatria and thereby raised funds for Operacion Sónrisa, the leading global foundation to provide surgery to children with cleft lip and palate, facial tumors or burns. It was a logistical masterpiece of the race organizers to manage an event with so many climbers and to provide fair and safe conditions for everyone. Additionally there was a lot of supporting programme for athletes, visitors and the press.

The exciting race day in Bogota was terminated in the spotlight of the media, when the coveted trophies and medals of the Towerrunning World Cup 2012 were handed out to the champions. In the end everyone agreed, that Carrera Ascenso Torre Colpatria once more was a worthy final for a great Towerrunning season – a season with almost 200 events in 27 countries attracting about 105,000 participants from 54 nations.

Bogota 2012, Towerrunning, Amateur Race

Bogota 2012, Towerrunning, Amateur Race

Bogota 2012, Towerrunning, Amateur Race

Bogota 2012, Towerrunning, Amateur Race

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota from above

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota from above

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota, Colpatria Tower

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota, Colpatria Tower

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota, Colpatria Tower

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota, Colpatria Tower

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota, Elite on the top

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota, Elite on the top

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota,

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota,

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota, Łobodziński and Riedl

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota, Łobodziński and Riedl

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota, Walsham Cup

Towerrunning 2012, Bogota, Walsham Cup

La Palma. Would love to be there, running! - Photography, Writing, Talk Ultra Podcast



Day 4 of our La Palma, Transvulcania La Palma experience and today we started our run at the official start area of the race next to the sea on the southern most tip of the island with the Fuencaliente lighthouse in front of us.

Yesterday Niandi and myself did a 3 hour hike on some trails within walking reach of our apartment. To say our legs are a little beat up would be an underestimation. Niandi usually doesn’t get quad sore but she has found that running down hill on technical terrain for 2.5 hours really does batter your legs…. For me, my worry was my knees but I am pleased to say with taping and being careful I am really positive with the progress. Of course 16-18 weeks away from running also meant that my muscles were not quite ready for the beating I gave them. C’est…

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